The Role of Chairman

What does the Chairman of the Council do?

The office of Chairman has both a symbolic and practical importance:

  • as the First Citizen of the District the Chairman is the recognised representative and spokesman of the Council on all civic and ceremonial occasions
  • the Chairman is the figurehead of the community which the Council serves
  • the Chairman is an Ambassador for the Council and the community.

In addition to chairing meetings of the Council and signing legal documents, the Chairman attends many events and official engagements throughout the District and the County – a duty which maintains and creates vital links between the Council and the community.

Who supports the Chairman?

The Chairman can be supported in fulfilling the public side of Council duties by their consort.

The Vice-Chairman and their consort assist the Chairman in certain administrative and ceremonial matters.

What can you ask the Chairman to do?

We need to know exactly what you require before we can confirm attendance, by completing the Chairman’s invitation form attached below.   All requests must maintain the dignity of the Chairman’s office at all times.

Invitation form for the chairman (PDF)

Invitation form for the chairman (Word doc)

Chairman’s Future Events

Chairman’s Quiz Night – Saturday 4 October 2014

Chairman’s Civic Service – Sunday 19 October 2014

Chairman’s night at Panto – 12 December 2014

Golf Day – Friday 15 May 2015


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