Welcome to my blog… 17 June

This is my first blog as Chairman of Three Rivers District Council. I would like to thank Les Mead,  last year’s Chairman of Three Rivers,  for starting the  blog  and more importantly for all the work he did with his wife Carol right across  the  district .   I look forward to seeing them at Croxley Revels this Saturday and you You can view Les’ blog archive here…

I chaired my first Council meeting on Tuesday evening (17 June). With the Council going from 48 Councillors to 39 we have had 21 former Councillors leave our ranks.  Last night I thanked the  former Chairmen of  the District Council  and Councillors who have spent at least 10 years on the Council.

Video of chain handover – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIr81z7PGNM

Yvonne and Chris Lloyd with Les and Carol Mead

Yvonne and Chris Lloyd with Les and Carol Mead

This year I aim: 

To support and publicise the work of local community groups and volunteers throughout the district.

To raise awareness for, and funds, for three local charities: Linda Jackson Macmillan Centre, Watford and Three Rivers Mencap and Three Rivers CAB.

To actively listen to the Three Rivers business community through town centre walkabouts and other initiatives and act as a champion for local businesses.

To build relationships with organisations and individuals in the community who are not currently working with the District Council.

To visit, support and listen to local residents’ associations.

To visit all 13  district Wards and the communities within them.

To visit and actively listen to parts of the district which receive less publicity or which have fewer public amenities.

To support the local environment including championing green and affordable transport.

To support the interests of young people and the vulnerable including education, apprenticeships and back-to-work schemes.

To hold a number of public events including charity fundraising events,  a civic service and a reception to  say thank you for the work undertaken by volunteers and community leaders in the district .

To use my interest in sport to encourage the active use of local leisure facilities and open spaces .

To help promote awareness of the Council’s and other local services – particularly among the young and the vulnerable