Parmiters School Concert – 29 April


We were greeted by the Head Master Nick Daymond. The concert was excellent. Items from the following groups were included and more

  • School Orchestra
  • Senior Choir – including a medley of Abba songs
  • Brass Band
  • String Quartet

At the end of the Concert, the Head of Sixth Form, Andy Biggs, read out the school achievements of every Y13 pupil who had taken part. This was very moving. They then sung one final song. Well done to Michelle Bird and her team for all the hardwork they had all done, and the pupils when they have all their exam and course work to do.

Other visits to the School have included

  • Senior Speech day
  • Presentation and Q&A to the whole of year 10.
  • Carol Service

Michelle also brought some Brass players to support the Civic Service. Yvonne and I had the opportunity to talk to other guests, parents, pupils, staff, and governors. An evening to be remembered.

Michelle Bird said “Our concerts provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and showcase the hard work of our musicians.  The Summer Concert was, as always, an ambitious and varied programme.  Students from all years performed but we particularly said farewell to the Upper Sixth leavers, many of whom have participated in school music since they joined the school in Year 7.  It is an honour and a privilege to have been able to work with these young people both inside and outside the classroom.”


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