Sea Cadets – 14 April

The Sea Cadets Inspection and Demonstrations, was an opportunity for parents to come and see their children in action. I was welcomed by Fabian Hiscock, Chairman of the Sea Cadets. The Sea Cadets are based at Cassio Bridge, Watford Road, Croxley.

The leaders give up their time, week in week out, for the young people to learn many skills. They also do many weekend activities. Also present were members of the committee, the Chaplain (Vicar of St. Mary’s Watford), the President of the Sea Cadets, Les Mead and his wife Carol and also Councillor Wendy Jordan.

Sea Cadets - April 14th - Sea Cadets Inspection and DemonstrationsThe inspecting officer, Deputy Area Officer, Lt Cdr Cliff Lewis, works full time for the Sea Cadets in their head office in London. The District Officer, Lt Cdr Karen Fulton, works for the RAF Benevolent fund, and travels all over the UK providing youth projects for service children. She also provides a very active support for the Croxley Sea Cadets. She is the first person I have met who was born in Thurso.

Fabian Hiscock, Chairman of the Croxley Sea Cadets said, “’Our annual inspection allows us to show off the achievements of the Cadets and the work of the volunteer staff, and we’re very grateful for the support of the Chairman and Councillors as well as that of the parents of our Cadets without which we would achieve very much less.’


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