Ricky Archers Training – 22 February 

I met Freddy Chester the Three Rivers Sports Development Officer at the Gym at Queens School. We were on the south side and Freddy was at the new gym when I arrived. However, Cricket nets were in progress and no sign of any Ricky Archers. A quick Call to Anoosh Liddell established that there two Gyms. They had the Gym booked 9  – 1. We joined in the training session which was running from 9 to 11.

Peter  Burford was very patient explaining how to use a bow. Excellent teacher but both his pupils have room for improvement. They run beginner classes if you want to learn about the sport. We had all the safety drills. Indoors people all fire 3 arrows and on the whistle when everyone is ready you go and collect your arrows. I found muscles I do not normally use.

Yesterday several of the Ricky Archers members competed in the Hertfordshire indoor event. It was the best of sixty arrows. Adrian Currall, Chairman of Ricky archers, added the indoor title to his outdoor title. There are different categories of bow that people use. Freddy and I had been invited to go and see an indoor training session after we saw the last outdoor competition in December.


15 02 22 Ricky Archers



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