Rickmansworth, Chorleywood and Croxley Cubs – October 4th 

At the Backwoodsman Camp they had over 70 cubs and leaders. It was a well organised event by Sue Johnson District Commissioner of the cubs. The cubs and leaders came from packs in Chorleywood, Croxley and Rickmansworth. The Chorleywood campsite is a gem enabling the youngsters to do outdoor activity in the pouring rain. An experience they will not forget.

They had a variety of groups that included:

  • Cake making using an outdoor cardboard box oven.
  • Indoors – preparing and cooking a vegetable stew.
  • Learning how to dig a fire place and restore it.
  • Learning how to protect a billy can so it is easier to keep it clean.
  • Cooking marshmallows on a stick.
  • Making and then cooking twisters.

I always enjoyed the camp cooking and camp fire experience!


Rickmansworth Fire Station – October 4th 

I arrived at 9am for a tour of Fire Station. I had met Sean Good at the Mencap and Fire Fighters M25 Cycle Challenge in September. Part way through the tour they had a call out. The ambulance service also has an office in the building. There are two Fire Engines based in Rickmansworth serving Three Rivers. As a community we need to let the Fire Service know we value what they do serving our area.

I then joined them giving out Fire Safety leaflets at Tesco. The Fire Fighters were offering free smoke detectors and the offer of a visit from a fire officer. The good news was most people already had smoke detectors.

After my visit, I changed out of my suit to go and visit the cubs. The lovely weather we had in September was breaking at the beginning of October.


1st Rickmansworth Scouts – Lochearnhead Trip evening – October 3rd

This evening was about the leaders and young people reporting back on their trip to Lochearnhead. The site is owned by Hertfordshire Scouts. The evening included a selection of videos, photos and reports. The group include 15 Explorer Scouts, 33 Scouts, one cub and 24 leaders. The main activities were sailing, kayaking, cycling and walking. Most days the weather was not great but the photos and videos showed the amazing scenery. It was an event that the whole group had enjoyed. A great deal of work would have gone into the planning and execution of this camp including the parents buying the right equipment for the adventure.

Our son James went to Lochearnhead when he was part of Croxley Scouts. A few years ago Yvonne and I visited Lochearnhead.

The last time I visited 1st Rickmansworth Scouts was as part of 100th Birthday Celebrations, both a dinner and a service.

My Father had led a Scout Troop at Merchant Taylor’s School. I had been involved as a youngster at the 6th Northwood Scouts

One of the parents got up to challenge other parents to get involved in the group executive committee, maintenance work parties and fund raising. The group seemed to have a good number of leaders.



Rickmansworth Waterways Trust – Celebration of National Award – October 2nd

I was in a meeting at Three Rivers House. I left the meeting briefly to meet David Montague and team from the Rickmansworth Waterways Trust to join them before their planning meeting for the Rickmansworth Canal Festival 2015. I volunteered at the very first Festival organising a number of councillors to be involved as stewards.

I would like to congratulate the team from the RWT  Canal Festival organisers  who have won runner-up prize at the National Canal & River Trust Living Waterways Awards ceremony in Leeds. It was a privilege to greet the team and joining them in celebrating this award.

I will be visiting Batchworth Lock Education Centre next week




9 Lives Furniture AGM – October 1st


Before the 9 Lives Furniture AGM at 25 Wharf Lane, Rickmansworth, all guests had the opportunity of seeing the show rooms plus the displays. I met trustees, staff and volunteers. The AGM was very quick (under half an hour) and I spoke briefly to thank all those involved for what they did in Three Rivers.

I found that the Chairman, Deborah Durkin, was studying Physics at the same time as I was doing Chemistry at Bristol University. We would have  been in the same Mathematics lectures in our first year.

Our first direct contact with 9 Lives was when we donated some furniture after my mother died last year. The organisation started 10 years ago. They stopped over 677 Tonnes going to landfill. They have provided training for their volunteers.

NINE LIVES-3How can you help Marie Frost and her team?  They need people willing to volunteer and go out with the drivers when they collect furniture.

What do they do  –  9 Lives Furniture collects, refurbishes and resells furniture & household items in SW Herts, subsidised for those in need or at market value to fund the scheme