Mencap and Firefighters M25 Challenge – September 13th

A team of people (Fire fighters & Mencap supporters)  cycled from 10am  till   4pm doing the M25 challenge. We were cycling on static bikes  the same distance as  round the M25.  I supplied the team who took part from 1pm to 2pm.  There were two bikes outside Iceland in Rickmansworth High Street.

Firefighers cmp

Our team of six was Graham Metcalfe (Head Teacher from Eastbury Farm School, who had cycled from home) Steve Harris (work colleague from EE) , Dave Luddington (Croxley Resident) , Tom Darlington and  Daniel (both from Three Rivers Leisure Department) and me. After an initial burst from Dave and Steve, we then focused on 1 bike, where we did quick 1K slots while other people were on the other bike.

More about the event

How can you sponsor us?

More about the charities

Mencap is one of my chosen civic charities


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