Janmshtami Festival at Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple – August 17th

We had been warned by former Three Rivers Council Chairman Les Mead about the Traffic. There was an accident on the A41 which meant everything was gridlocked. We parked by the Jewish Cemetery and walked. It stayed dry all afternoon and we did not need the umbrella I had taken. I had read lots of the pages on the website before we went to give background information.

The Manor estate  was sold to George Harrison of the Beatles in 1973. It was not for his private use but as a gift to ISKCON; the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The property, which at that time included 17 acres of land was renamed “Bhaktivedanta Manor” after the Society’s founder.

Visit to Hindu Temple CMPAlthough ISKCON itself is quite recent, it is part of an important and distinctive tradition of devotional faith which began in the sixteenth century with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It participates in a much older culture dating back thousands of years, and embraces the timeless, non-sectarian values of sanatana-dharma (or the eternal religion) as found in the Vedic scriptures.


Today ISKCON has over 300 temples worldwide, the most significant being in the religion’s homeland of India. Bhaktivedanta Manor however is one of the most significant centres in the West and is recognised a major place of Hindu worship

The Krishna Janmashtami festival is the annual celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna.

We were most welcome. Our guide for the afternoon was Anand. We went the VIP way into the Temple which at this time was no quicker than the main route as there was no queue. When we left the main queue was several hours long. We stayed for several hours as we wanted to visit every activity and talk to people about the festival. We met people at the BTG magazine , we saw a film and talked to young people who had done a drama about facebook and other social media which dominate young  people’s time. We met  someone who knew former Council Chairman Amrit Mediratta.

The cow is sacred in the Hindu Religion and we were able to see the herd. You could have free food or join a queue and buy food which included pizza. The event was run by volunteers. The planning for next years two day festival will have already begun. About 60,000 people come over the two day period. The Sunday is the busiest as midnight is the main celebration point

We walked back to our car after a unique day at the festival and learning about an event which is important to many Three Rivers Residents.

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