The Elms Tennis Tournament – July 20th

Elm Tennis

The Elms Tennis Exhibition Day organised in partnership with Three Rivers District Council was held at Leavesden Country Park, an annual tennis event which is now in its 4th year.

The Tennis Exhibition Day is a wonderful local event for Abbots Langley which encourages both family and community cohesion. Admission was free.

It included The Heidi Marriott Inter-School Championship. Heidi Marriott was a local mum who sadly passed away at the beginning of June last year.  Heidi was always so supportive of the aims to provide quality tennis coaching to the young people of Abbots Langley. The organisers last year renamed the KS2 Inter-School championship to: The Heidi Marriott Inter-School Championship.

It was a really well organised event with many courts in play at once. I must congratulate organisers on all the hard work they put into preparing and executing the Tennis Event. It was great to see so many children playing tennis at primary school age. I hope many of them continue to play at secondary school and into adult live. My wife and  I enjoyed talking to the many parents who supported this wonderful event.

There were skills coaching on ten mini courts, with the KS1 & KS2 held on the main 8 courts. There was also a grass court competition on four grass courts.

I opened the event which was played in a good spirit and extremely well organised by James &  Sophie.


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