Rickmansworth Folk Festival – July 19th

RFF - Julie Felix

Rickmansworth Folk Festival








Organised by Rickmansworth Town Team,  the ward held their first ever Folk Festival, with the event being supported by Phoenix Morris dancers, Rickmansworth Folk , Rickmansworth Waterways Trust and sponsored by Three Rivers District Council.

Before the opening ceremony a photo was taken outside Watersmeet with the three Morris Groups Phoenix Morris, Merrydowners (Harrow) and OBJ Morris (Bracknell), with the first two groups tracing their roots to Cotswold Morris and final group to the Welsh English border. After watching for a while we went to Batchworth lock to listen to some Folk singing. We also saw the only working model of a canal. I would have to have stayed longer but we had to be on way to our next event.

Other Venues used included St. Mary’s Church, the Feathers and the White Bear.

The evening concert by Julie Felix was the highlight of the first Rickmansworth Folk Festival.  Julie who has lived in Three Rivers for 45 years, was born in California and learnt her musical skills from her Mexican Father, singing several of her songs in Spanish. She said getting older is hard as you lose your friends, whilst mentioning David Frost and Tony Benn. The concert started with Warp and Weft (Alison & Kim) who being performing at different venues during the day at the Festival. We had never heard Julie Felix live before, but the internationally known performer, who hosted a show on BBC2 in the late sixties, made it a special evening. Like many others we queued up to meet her afterwards and get her to sign CDs we had bought.




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