Hertfordshire Police County Cadet Competition – 13 July

On Sunday morning the traffic was light as we travelled to Hertfordshire Police HQ. The competition had been on thepolice Saturday. There was a prize for each event with a different Chairman or Mayor involved in the presentation. The team for Three Rivers won It’s a Knockout.

Three Rivers Police Cadets meet every other Tuesday in the Sixth Form Block at St. Clement Danes School. They have invited me to a BBQ at South Oxhey Police Station which is their final event of the academic year.

The Three Rivers Police Cadet Group is run by Sue Desmond (on top of her day job in the police). The group started in 2011. We spoke to Jason Yates and his family part of the team from Three Rivers. It would have been interesting to see the teams in action yesterday. They all arrived at 9am. After briefing the different events started at 10:30. Competition closed at 18:30. The overall event was won by Hatfield. They do have the advantage of meeting at Police HQ!





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